Wednesday, November 8, 2017

First time in Asia

I just found out from Kev that we're going to have to visit Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan this year! And well it reminded me that I never posted any of the photos I took from my first time in Singapore, China, and Japan. Well, you're not going to find Japan photos here because by the third and last hop to Japan the jet lag hit me hard and I used the last bit of my energy to go shopping in downtown Tokyo! I will say that  Japan was my favorite of all places I visited! Hands down! I'll tell you why in a later post with my 2nd trip to Japan (coming soon)!!! 

There are those places that you think you'll never have the chance to visit. Asia was that place for me. I mean, what's a then wedding photographer going to do in Asia? Land of the most technologically advanced nation where everyone has a better camera than me! But Kevin has a business in Singapore and asked me to tag along for the week-long trip so that he wasn't so miserable traveling alone. I LOVE Singapore! Look at those buildings! It's the cleanest and safest country you'll ever see! And so archectiturely advanced! I guarantee you've never seen buildings like this in the U.S. If you get the chance you must go and go to Jumbo Seafood and order the Pepper Crab! You'll never want to leave Singapore! 

We hoped to China...Here is what I ate. Can you believe it! Sushi in the club!!! Be still my heart!

You've probably heard that in the airport they have these Ramen bars! Pinch me! I love Asian food...THAT WAS UNTIL I GOT TO CHINA! I will never go to China again. We were guests of honor for a ship launching. That was the only cool part. Here are photos.
I love this photo of Kevin. This was during an hour tour we took. There was an imperial grand plaza. There somewhere in my photo archives. Meh. The not a camera film effect. It was actually what China looks like. You can't see past 1 mile deep the pollution is way too much. But I have to say that the haze diffused some gorgeous light for this shot! Below is the "prettiest scenes of the coast". See, told you not too impressive. I'm sure there are better places in China but we were pressed for time and our days were already planned out for us.

There were 3 days of ceremonial events! Everything was spoken in Chinese so for most of it I just smiled and nodded like I was a world class Chinese linguist. :) And then the drinking began. Chinese drink and they drink fast. Chugging wine filled to the brim! Scary!

Me smiling my best wifey smile that also read to Kevin "I'M NOT CHUGGING MY WINE!!"
And then they ask me to chug it too! I laughed it off and got away with it. I'm all for getting a little drunk but at least let me enjoy my wine! Other than this the whole event was super fun and every night was a 7-course dinner! Anyone that knows Kevin knows that he's extremely picky and would rather starve himself than eat while he's in Asia. But with me there, someone that will try everything at least once, I could taste test the food for him and let him know what he would like and not like. 

And then the morning of the ship naming and launching ceremony! I love this photo of Kevin too! Okay, I like all photos of Kevin! But I really like how relaxed he looks in his business attire. Kevin loved that he could get bacon and eggs at our fancy hotel. And I love that I could get sushi any time of the day! Win, Win!

We piled into a shuttle bus and it took us to the shipyard. I have to tell you about the driving through the city. The whole city of Dalian looks as if an earthquake had just happened 10 mins ago. It's filthy. And it's hundreds of miles of tall apartment buildings and skyscrapers. The front outside of the building looks okay but then you look down the alleyway and the while building is falling apart. And clothes, dirt, and trash cover the streets. 

We made it to the shipyard! The ship was a beauty! And the ceremony began and champagne was smashed. And confetti fell from the sky. And we took a tour of the ship! It was truly what it must have felt like to board the Titanic! We saw the engine room and it reminded me of that sweet scene of Rose and Jack running through the engine room. Except on our tour, the engines were mainly big drums, computers, machines. 

And then! Rose and Jack pose!

Overall it was a great experience! I learned a lot! I can't wait for my trip back. But I'll pass on some places! You know the one. 


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