Saturday, October 21, 2017

Blessed to know my birth father

I love this photo of my kids and Paul. Paul is my biological father. This isn't something that I talk about very often (out of respect to my dad who raised and cared for me) Paul and I were reunited when I was 16 years old. Up until then, I didn't know of him or even that my father was really my step-father. I love my father (step-father). He is always going to be my daddy. He was perfect and I love and miss him so much. He was the best thing that ever happened to our family. He's now with the Lord in heaven and I know he watches over us every day. 

Paul was an instant friend when we met. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He's a role model to my children. Because of him...I learned that though was different than most all of everyone in my family that that was perfectly fine! I didn't look, have a similar personality, my talents were different, my nose was different, I loved music and learning new instruments, I loved being around people and parties, old and foreign films, and so many other things that I thought was unlike anyone else in my family. We even share the same mole in the same spot. Weird things. But the craziest thing of all...He had been a professional photographer for 20+ years in Houston...and I was too!

I love having him as a part of our now family. He spends hours jamming on the guitar with me and my daughter. I'll play cello and Winter will sing. He'll write original songs and record them with my son. This past weekend he came over with a large box of rockets. I thought for sure we'd never get to put this together. But surprisingly enough we had one together in 1 hour and took it out to Memorial park to set it off into space! We had the best time! They loved it. Until our rocket was caught in the tree. Party over. Next week he's taking my little man fishing. Mr. B will be so over the moon about it! He loves doing outdoorsy stuff! 


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