Monday, July 24, 2017

Honeymooning in Hawaii

Once you've been to Hawaii some how you just know that every future vacation will never compare to this dream! Kev and I were lucky enough to be able to work out schedules, have the children taken care of, and finish our work loads to be able to make it to Hawaii for our awaited honeymoon! 

We first stayed at the beautiful Resort Koa Kea Resort on the beautiful island of Kauai. I had seen Moana so many times with my kids that the whole film (and my kids impersonations) are ingrained in my brain permanently but never understood the whole random chicken character. Why a chicken? When you visit Kauai you will see chickens EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner....and on your walks, while your shopping, and even next to you in the pool. I'm serious. It only seems strange at first but then you remember you're in Hawaii and theirs a Mai Tai nearby calling your name! 

So here are my photos from the've got to get lei'd! 

First thing we did when we arrived at our hotel was walk the beach. I couldn't wait to see the blues of the Pacific!

I loved this tree...I just felt like it was missing monkeys!

On the millionth take Kev got this one image of me in focus! 
He's learning to speak Nikon. It takes time.

If you could see these lava rocks in person! It's unreal!

Enough photos of me....Time for a lobster breakfast! Yes, I said LOBSTER! I could live like this!

The 2nd day we took a death defying helicopter tour. Seriously, we really disliked this. Our pilot was taking dips, dives, and banking...and he totally looked the part of surfer dude. It would have helped if he didn't do the Hang Loose sign over and over. There was already enough turbulence to frighten us. At some point Kev and I said prayers in our own heart that we may not return home. When we talked to other guests with their experience on the helicopter tour their experience was the opposite...perfectly pleasant and graceful! I wouldn't recommend Sunshine Helicopter Tours...ever.
(Photo below taken before flight...After flight I put my camera away for the day. It took the rest of the day to feel better. On the record...neither Kev and I need to use the "Aloha bag" provided.)

Day 3 We had to try some Hawaiian coffee! Stuff is good!!!!

We had heard about the Spouting Horn and rode our bikes up to see it spit! It was awesome to watch!

As we rode back to the resort we spied this gorgeous sea lion just basking in the sun!

 You must eat at The Beach House when staying at Kauai!

We soon moved on to Hawaii Island (The Big Island) to stay at The Four Season Resort Hualalai! There are no words to describe how perfect this resort is. We decided we'd come back here each year! It would become our permanent vacation spot! We made so many friends with decade long Hualalai returning vacationers! We meant to golf, take another helicopter to see the lava hit the water, and a luau, but....when we got up each morning and saw the beach and sunrise we said 'what for!' This island is so gorgeous. The resort...just no words to describe it!

We found our spot at the Tranquility Spa and our cocktails!

Our front door to our hotel suite...

Watched the sunset from our room...on the first day. Thought it was gorgeous but came to find out that Hawaii likes to out do itself with each passing day!

On our sunset walk we saw this big guy climb the shore to rest for the night. Wow!

The Four Seasons had this beautiful lagoon that was home to 40,000 fish - big and small! We snorkeled with the fishes. It was gorgeous! You can climb out and rest on any of the cabanas and order refreshments. It was amazing!

We'll be back to golf next time. Will you just look at that lava! Crazy!

A Big Island Bloody Mary. Had to check it out. Tastes a lot like one from Texas. 
No big surprise there! ha!

We stopped counting the days...and even lost track of what day it was. We're so tan now. It's as if the rest of the world doesn't exist when you're on the Big Island.

Goofying around with our friends!

First time trying this after dinner cocktail. It was Yummy!

We wined and dined with a group of friends to watch the sunset drop behind the ocean. After swapping stories and laughing into the night we shutdown the place. We look up....and my jaw dropped and I lost my breath. We all laid on the sandy beach to watch shooting stars and witness the magic of the Milky Way!So happy I had my camera attached to my hand at this moment. Nikon you've never steered me wrong! 

 It's our last day on the Island. We can't believe we have to leave already. Kev loved waking up to breakfast and Bud. He declared that this Hawaiian morning meal will be called "Beereakfast"! Hang Loose, brotha!

Dinner time with our new found friends. I wore this paradise inspired high slit dress. It had match shorts underneath! Loved it!

The last sunset....

And a final nigh shot. I loved how cool this turned out. It looks inferred almost.  

We can't wait to return! It was the perfect honeymoon!


  1. That sounds amazing!! And these beach photos are breath taking! Beautiful post ♡

    1. BROOKE! You've won! Please email me where you'd like your gorgeous passport holder sent to! Congrats!!!

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  3. Your pictures look absolutely gorgeous. Truly seems like the perfect place to have a honeymoon.

  4. This tripped sounded amazing! The kids always want to watch Moana so I've seen it every day since it came out on Netflix. I didn't know Hawaii had a lot of chickens. That's pretty neat. I'm sorry about your rough helicopter ride! I rode in one the other day and it was good expect we did this rollecoaster thing which I hated.